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Polyurbanism is the idea of Dr Jonathan R.L. Clarke, who also maintains and provides the content for this site.

I am an experienced urban designer, planner and chartered landscape architect, specialising in regeneration, masterplanning, environmental impact assessment and public realm design. My PhD considered the role that urban design and planning might make to enhanced city resilience, ultilising a qualitative, inductive approach of learning from practice. I am currently a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick’s Resilient Cities Laboratory, located within the department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS), contributing to the EU-funded RESILENS and HARMONISE research projects.

I am also a professional practice examiner for the Landscape Institute and an expert panel member for MADE, the West Midlands centre for architecture and place making, as well as an external tutor at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Coaffee, J. and Clarke, J.R.L. (2017) “Resilient Urbanism 2.0: Designing for risk and uncertainty.” LA+ Journal: RISK Issue, Spring 2017, forthcoming.

Clarke, J.R.L. (2016) “From Maladaption to Adaption: A Resilient Urban Planning Paradigm.” In: Chandler, D. and Coaffee, J. (eds.) ‘The Routledge Handbook of International Resilience’ Routledge, London.

Clarke, J.R.L and Coaffee, J. (2016) “Critical infrastructure lifelines and the politics of anthropocentric resilience.”Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses,

Coaffee, J., Clarke, J.R.L. and Davis, P. (2016) “A HARMONISE’d approach to building security-driven urban resilience: a call to arms.” Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction, Vol. 21(1), pp.73-80.

Coaffee, J. and Clarke, J.R.L. (2015) Viewpoint: On implementing Urban Resilience, Town Planning Review, 86(3), pp. 249-255.

Clarke, J.R.L. (2014) Review of “Spatial Planning and Governance: Understanding UK Planning by Mark Tewdwr-Jones” Urban Geography Research Group (UGRG)



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